How to get to the motorhome parking lot Düren     GPS: 6,46611° Ost    50,80884° Nord      

 Via motorway A4 from Aachen to Cologne, exit 7 (Düren)


Turn left, then straight ahead on B 56 in the direction of the city centre. 

When entering the city limits of Düren, turn right 

1.         to Eisenbahnstraße. Drive straight on, pass the railway station and the bus station (on the left-hand side), drive straight on (Fritz-Erler-Straße) where you can see a motorhome sign on the right-hand side. Follow this sign straight ahead to Paradiesstraße, turn right until you reach another motorhome sign, turn left and you will reach the motorhome parking lot after about 100 m. 

2.         Approach via B 56

Enter roundabout (Friedrich Ebert Platz).

Take 3rd exit and turn right to Schoellerstraße = B56, follow this road, stay on the left-hand lane from Total petrol station, cross railway bridge, then turn left and follow the description as per point 1. 

B 265: Enter roundabout (Friedrich Ebert Platz), take 1st exit and follow B 56 as described under point 2. 

3.         Approach via B 264

A:        Follow B 264 from the direction of Weisweiler / Langerwehe, drive straight on to the city limits. Drive along Valancienner Straße, turn left to Tivolistraße, follow this street over bridge crossing the river Rur to the first junction of Rurstraße where you turn left, drive straight to the end, turn right and you will reach the motorhome parking lot after about 100 m.

B:        Remain on Tivolistraße and drive along to the big junction. Turn left to Philippstraße, stay in the left lane until you reach the junction Fritz-Erler-Straße. Turn left and follow directions as mentioned under point 1.

4.         Approach via B 399 

Stay on Monschauer Straße in the direction of the city centre. Turn left before the bridge, pass Willi Brand park until you reach the traffic lights. Turn right and follow directions as mentioned under A and B.